In Honor of 2021

As we begin a new year, I’d like to do a recap on the topics I discussed in 2021. Just about every subject matter has shifted, some like a glacier and others at, for the marine industry, flank speed

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Do Green Ships Have a Nuclear Future?

Green Ships DLS Marine Survey & Appraisal

The amount of money being put into meeting the 2050 air cleanliness goals of the Paris Accords and the IMO is staggering. Every week we read more news items and long reports on studies and research and experiments on new technology.

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So, What About Offshore Wind Farms?

Off Shore Wind Farm DLS Marine Appraisal and Valuation

We are headlong into the new world of wind power. Not so new if you consider that Hero of Alexandria (20 AD-70 AD) invented a windmill that pumped a bellows attached to a pipe organ. (And he invented the first vending machine – it dispensed holy water). The first windmill to provide electricity was built in 1887 by a Scottish inventor, James Blyth, to power his home.

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Modern Marvels Meets Deep Sea Salvage

Last September, the Korean cargo ship Golden Ray capsized outside of Brunswick, GA with over 4,000 cars on board. After months of preparations, Versamarine’s heavy lift vessel VB-10,000 will soon cut up and remove the Golden Ray from inside St. Simons Sound.

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DLS Introduces Marine Business Valuation Services

We are proud to announce a new strategic relationship with The McLean Group (TMG), one of the top middle market business valuation firms in the nation. Business owners in the marine industry can confidently rely on decades of marine asset appraisal and valuation experts.

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